Osmund Cleverly1,2,3

M, #30057, d. 1 June 1861

Family 1:


Emily Osmund3 b. Apr 1845

Family 2:

Ellen Fagan
  • Marriage*: _ M. Ellen Fagan at Chu-san, China, on 31 October 1845.1,4
  • Birth*: At Centro Hospitalar Franco-Britânico / Franco-British Hospital, Rue Barbés, Levallois-Perret, França / France.3,4
  • Occupation: According to family tradition, a Marine Surveyor, Commissioner of Merchant Services.2
  • Occupation*: Merchant sea captain; travelled extensively between Hong Kong and Macao and elsewhere in the East.3
  • Residence: In in 1845 Osmund Cleverly lived at; Mentioned in the Anglo-Chinese Calendar for the year 1845.
  • Marriage*: _ M. Ellen Fagan at Chu-san, China, on 31 October 1845.1,4
  • Residence*: In Osmund Cleverly lived at; Acting on behalf of the Protestant community in Macao, in 1858 Osmund Cleverly purchased a property at auction named Cameiro’s Gardens (outside the city walls) for the New Protestant Cemetery. A Board of Trustees was set up to administer the property as a cemetery and membership of this Board was open to the Consular Authorities in Macao of certain European Protestant nations, plus protestant residents in Macao. As a consequence, Osmund Cleverly was a member of this Board of Trustees.2
  • HK Almanacks*: See Almanacks;  .
  • Death*: 1 June 1861 at St Marylebone, London, England, Aparentemente em consequência de feridas recebidas no ataque de piratas chinêses ao vapor Queen / Apparently as a consequence of wounds received in an attack by Chinese pirates on the steamship Queen.4
  • Residence: In in 1995 Osmund Cleverly lived at; extract from book by Susanna Hoe.5

    Extracts from the book by Susanna Hoe


    The marriage register is quite clear: on 8 June 1847 Charles St George Cleverly, bachelor of Hong Kong, married Mary Pope, spinster of Hong Kong; [...] Mary Pope Cleverly is mentioned briefly from time to time in historical sources for her husband remained some years in Hong Kong, and was responsible for many of its early buildings, such as Government House.


    The scarcity of Western women on the China Coast contributed to the quite common establishment of relations between foreign men and Chinese women. Sometimes they were long-lasting and resulted in children. That created a Eurasian population which is now an integral part of Hong Kong society, often at the highest echelons, but which was earlier an excluded and anomalous segment.

    Osmund Cleverly, the merchant shipping captain, (brother of Mary Ann Hickson's admirer – Charles [St George] Cleverly) provides a good example of the phenomenon. The baptismal records show two children christened on 9 September 1845: Charles Osmund, born February 1842, and Emily Osmund, born April 1845. There is no mother's name, and the children's surname is their father's first name*. On 31 October that year Osmund Cleverly married Ellen Fagin, and they had at least one child, Ellen, born in 1853. Thus Osmund Cleverly had two families. He may well have cut off relations with the first upon his Christian marriage but it was not unprecedented for the new Western wife of a man with a family by a previous, Chinese, union, to act with grace and generosity towards the earlier family. Often the man at least made provision for that family when he married. Cleverly's will shows that he did not do so there though he may have done so earlier.

    *     In fact, the baptismal record form used did not a column for the children's surname. It shows that "Osmund" was included as the second Christian name for each child. – HdA


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Felícia Vicência de Barros1,2,3

F, #30060, b. 12 July 1847, d. 3 July 1889


Father*: Pedro José de Barros b. 23 Jun 1821, d. 14 Dec 1880
  • Birth*: 12 July 1847 at Macau.
  • Married Name: Osmund.4
  • Death*: 3 July 1889 at Hong Kong.


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