Rogério Hyndman Lobo1,2

M, #22200, n. 15 Setembro 1923, f. 18 Abril 2015
Sir Roger Lobo, Club Lusitano, 2010SourceCollection HA d'Assumpção

Eventos Principais Main Events::

Nascimento: 15 Setembro 1923, S. Lourenço, Macau
Falecimento: 18 Abril 20153


Outros detalhes Other details:

  • Nascimento*: Em 15 Setembro 1923 S. Lourenço, Macau.
  • (Testemunha) Nota: [ ];

    Mentioned in an article in the Renascimento journal of 30 September 1945 (p 3.)

  • Nome alternativo: Nome alternativo.2
  • Condecorações*: ;

    Comendador: Commander: Ordem do Império BritânicoOrder of the British Empire

    Cavaleiro de Cargo Inferior BritânicoKnight Bachelor of Britain

    Justice of the Peace, 22 Mar1963  Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great (Vatican), 3 Mar 1969  Civil Aid Services Long Service Medal, 16 Oct 1970 Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee Medal, 1 Jun 1977  Doctor "Honoris Causa" in Law from the University of Hong Kong, 4 Mar1982.4

  • Nota*: Article in South China Morning Post
    Shrinking community still has big role to play in HK
    Sir Roger Lobo's outstanding public service and private career stand out
  • KooThesis*: Mencionado em a href="uikoothesis.htm"> I > B. Koo Tese / i > / a >
  • Foto1*: Family of Sir Roger Lobo.4
  • FamiliaRibeiro*: Mencionado em a href="uifamiliaribeiro.htm" i Família Ribeiro / i / a.
  • Falecimento*: 18 Abril 2015 91.3
  • Nota: Article in South China Morning Post
    One man's covert war mission changed Hong Kong history
    In August 1945 Roger Lobo - later a Hong Kong lawmaker - carried from Macau official confirmation war was over, allowing Britain to re-establish its rule and forestall a Chinese takeover


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