Carolina Antónia de Arriaga e Silva1,2,3

F, #6445, b. 3 April 1846, d. 19 January 1930


Father*: Demétrio de Araújo e Silva b. 1800, d. 5 Dec 1855
Mother*: Francisca Maria Antónia de Arriaga Brum da Silveira b. 28 Oct 1812, d. 11 Dec 1899
  • Name-Var1: Alternative name: Silva.
  • Birth*: 3 April 1846 at Sé, Macau.
  • Married Name: Da Silveira.4
  • Death*: 19 January 1930 at Sé, Macau.
  • Residence*: In Carolina Antónia de Arriaga e Silva lived at; "Before she married, she had a daughter from Padre (Father) Francisco Xavier Anacleto da Silva". Almost two months after the birth of her natural child with Fr. Francisco Xavier Anacleto, she married her first cousin, Antonio Jose de Arriaga Brum da Silveira.

    Carolina Antonia was only 14 years old when she had her child, which corresponds to the gossip of those days that she was 'muito jovem" - very young. When Father Francisco Xaver Anacleto died in 1888, he left everything to his daughter, the spouse of Jose Pancracio da Silva. vid. Macau e a Sua Diocese, vol. 7, pg. 107.

    Her cousin, Manuel Jose de Arriaga Brum da Silveira (1840-1917) was the first elected President of Portugal.5


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