Homantin Development from Kadoorie Avenue circa 1920
This photo is taken from Kadoorie Avenue with Argyle Street in the foreground and looking south down Peace Avenue with the Kowloon Canton Railway line running parallel to it. The present Jesuit-run Wah Yan College is to the middle right of the photo. Homantin Hill is in the background and Hong Kong island is in the far back ground. Again the cutting on the hill to the left of the picture is where Victory Avenue is today and you can see in this photo the actual laying down of the road work for Victory Avenue. Soares, Emma and Julia Avenues were not yet in existence when this photo was taken as they are where the unlevelled hill to the extreme left of the photo is. The avenues named Peace, Liberty and Victory were so named by my grandfather Soares in commemoratio[n of the ending of World War I known then as the Great War.
[J. Bosco Correa 2008
Collection J Bosco Correa