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Esta é uma Rima de Embalar Macaense antiga, conhecida por "Senhor Capitam". / This is an old Macanese Nursery Rhyme commonly known as "Senhor Capitam".

Senhor Capitam

Tum-ta-tum-ta-tum, Sinhô Capitám, Co espada na cinta, co rota na mam.

Tum-ta-tum-ta-tum. Here's the Captain, With a sword in his sash and a cane in his hand.

Iou passa na porta, ouvi rala coco; iou pidi um pouco e Jimmy da ung'a soco.

I was passing by the door and heard the scraping of a coconut. I asked for a little and Jimmy gave me a punch.

Ade pidi chuva, pato pidi vento; nhonha de convento pidi casamento.

The duck asks for rain, the drake asks for wind, the girl from the convent asks for marriage.

Nhonha muito triste, senta na travessa; saia fede mizo, com fula na cabeça.

The girl is very sad, seated in the lane, Her skirt smelling of urine, with a flower in her hair.

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