Noel Braga1,2

M, #14502, n. 6 Dezembro 1903, f. 29 Dezembro 1979


Pai-Bio*: José Pedro Braga OBE n. 3 Ago 1871, f. 12 Fev 1944

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Nascimento: 6 Dezembro 1903, S. Lourenço, Macau
Falecimento: 29 Dezembro 1979, LondresLondon


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  • Nascimento*: Em 6 Dezembro 1903 S. Lourenço, Macau.
  • Falecimento*: 29 Dezembro 1979 LondresLondon 76.
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    Company Secretary

    Born in Macau, he came to Hong Kong at an early age where he was educated at St Joseph's College with his brothers but became a Protestant in his early teens and influenced several of his family to join the small Plymouth Brethren community. He remained a keen and loyal member of this religious community throughout his life. He became a leading Elder and held this position not only until his final departure from Hong Kong to England in 1961, but again in the local Plymouth Brethren Assembly in London until his death in1979.

    Before his education was completed, his father took him into the family printing business, and when it later became the Hong Kong Government Printers he obtained employment with the China Light and Power Company, the main electricity
    undertaking for the Colony. He became Secretary of the Company at the age of 22, and held this position until the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong during World War II.

    During a general strike, Noel and two of his brothers, Clement and Hugh, became stewards on board the liner 'Empress of Canada' sailing to Vancouver. Clement and Hugh returned to Hong Kong, but Noel continued as steward on a ship to England, where he met an Englishwoman, Marjory Morris, and a few years later returned to marry her and take her out to Hong Kong. In the meantime, he spent several months in Japan with his brother John, and became fluent in the language which was to serve him well when the Japanese invaded Hong Kong. His knowledge of the language saved him and all the Braga Family then living in the Colony from certain death. They were able to claim Portuguese citizenship, and over a period of some months, most moved to Macau. Noel took with him the share registers and other vital records of the China Light and Power Company which he had saved from falling into the hands of the Japanese, realising that these documents would be crucial to the regeneration of the Company after the War.

    When the war ended he and his family were repatriated to England where his children were educated. There he obtained employment as Company Secretary until 1952 when he accepted an invitation to join an American organisation, the Christian Children's Fund. He became its Director in South Korea at the end of the Korean War where he established and organised several centres in that country for the relief of children orphaned by the war.

    In 1958, he left the organisation to become Secretary of the St. John Ambulance Brigade in Hong Kong, a position he held until 1961 when he returned to England. There he tried to fulfil his lifelong ambition to become a lawyer, and passed his intermediate examinations with distinction, but unfortunately a serious illness prevented him from qualifying. He took an active role in the welfare of his fellow students and retained a keen interest in the law until his death in 1979 following several years of declining health.

    He was married in London on 3 November 1934 to Marjory Morris, born in Dundee, Scotland, on 31 August 1911, daughter of Ernest Richard Morris and Ethel Jane Morris. (London).

    Maurice Braga, 1996.4



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Hugh Braga1,2

M, #14517, n. 15 Fevereiro 1905, f. 2 Junho 1987


Pai-Bio*: José Pedro Braga OBE n. 3 Ago 1871, f. 12 Fev 1944

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Nascimento: 15 Fevereiro 1905, S. Lourenço, Macau
Falecimento: 2 Junho 1987, Gordon, Australia



Dr Stuart Braga+ n. 29 Ago 1939


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  • Nascimento*: Em 15 Fevereiro 1905 S. Lourenço, Macau.
  • Falecimento*: 2 Junho 1987 Gordon, Australia, 82.
  • Ocupação*:

    Engineer, Bible teacher and leader of youth work

    Hugh Braga was educated at St Joseph's College, Hong Kong, and gained the only available scholarship to study engineering at the newly established Hong Kong University. His mother had been converted during his early childhood, and devoted herself thenceforth to the nurture of her large family in the Christian faith. Hugh and several of his siblings owed to her a love of the Bible and a life-long Christian discipleship, and to their father a commitment to disinterested community service.

    Hugh joined the Boy Scouts while at school, and became Scoutmaster of the 1st Hongkong (St Joseph's College) Scout Troop. In 1926, he was awarded the Bronze Cross of the St John Ambulance Brigade for service in the cause of humanity and the Silver Star of the Boy Scouts for gallantry for saving life. At University he was an outstanding athlete and footballer as well as diligent in his studies: it was a conscious resolve to run the race that was set before him. After graduation in 1928, Hugh rapidly gained a responsible position with the Hongkong Engineering and Construction Co., while spending most of his spare time and money in supporting the Emmanuel Church, Kowloon, a small independent evangelical congregation with strong missionary connections. On 8 August 1935 he married Nora Bromley, a missionary of the Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society; two children were born to them before the evacuation to Australia of British families in July 1940 - Sheila (born on 25 July 1936) and Stuart (born on 29 August 1939). Hugh followed his family to Australia a year later, shortly before the beginning of the Pacific War. He became Civil Engineer for Timbrol Ltd, a large chemical firm producing munitions.

    Hugh and Nora became deeply involved in the life of their local church, especially in the Sunday school and a young people's Bible class, and Nora in the work of the Crusader Union of N.S.W. In September 1945, Hugh was summoned back to Hong Kong by the returning British Military Administration; Nora followed a year later. As well as running his own engineering firm, Hugh was Sunday school superintendent at St Andrew's Church of England, Kowloon. He was chairman of the Advisory Committee of an orphanage, honorary architect for several organisations, and served on the Court of the University of Hong Kong. He and Nora threw their home open to BCMS missionaries en route to China, and in 1951 Hugh organised a large emergency operation to provide accommodation for several hundred China Inland Mission missionaries when the Mission withdrew from China. In 1954, using the same government contacts to obtain needed support facilities, Hugh organised an evangelistic meeting for Billy Graham in Hong Kong.

    When business collapsed in Hong Kong following the outbreak of the Korean War, the Braga family returned to Australia in August 1951, and Hugh resumed his wartime employment at Timbrols, which was later acquired by the American firm Union Carbide. Nora rejoined the Council of the Crusader Union, and Hugh organised a Senior Crusader Fellowship of young people. This vigorously developed two campsites at Galston and Lake Macquarie, and developed a training programme for leaders at Crusader camps. He served as Council member of Abbotsleigh and Barker College, where his children were at school, promoting the resumption of building programmes after the long delay caused by depression and war.

    Following his retirement, Hugh and Nora were the inaugural wardens at St David's, Forestville, an Anglican retirement village, from 1975 to 1977, establishing a tradition of caring service to the residents, who in 1981 strongly supported the successful nomination of Hugh for the award of Senior Citizen of the Year in recognition of his many years of community service. He died on 2 June 1987, following several years of declining health.

    Hugh Braga was a business and professional man who put the Lord's work first in all his dealings. He was generous with his time, money and professional expertise, and loved to share his knowledge and love of the Bible with others, especially young people. He never tired of promoting the Kingdom of Christ in service to others.



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    Stuart Braga

    1996, revised 18 April 2008.3

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Dr Stuart Braga1,2

M, #14522, n. 29 Agosto 1939
Stuart Braga
Collection Stuart Braga


Pai-Bio*: Hugh Braga n. 15 Fev 1905, f. 2 Jun 1987

Eventos Principais Main Events::

Nascimento: 29 Agosto 1939, Hong Kong


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