There are two websites. The Macanese Library website contains cultural and historical information on Macau and the Macanese and is publicly accessible. The Macanese Families website, which is private, contains the same cultural and historical information and addition family tree information on some 65,000 people; access to it may be given to Macanese (that is, to people with a Portuguese ancestor from Macau). People wishing to visit it will need to register.

We are restructuring the private Macanese Families website to make improvements and tighten security. As a consequence, people who had previously registered will have to do so again. We regret the inconvenience this will cause. In future, passwords need to have at least 8 characters and at least one upper-case letter, one lower-case letter and one number.

After you have registered, if you have forgotten your Username or Password for the private site, do not attempt to guess it because if you log in three times unsuccessfully you will be blocked out for a day; instead, contact .

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